MS390 OSPF uplink subnet in OSPF domain?

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MS390 OSPF uplink subnet in OSPF domain?



I'm brand new to L3 Meraki/Meraki OSPF and have a question. I also tried reading this documentation without understanding why the thing I'm trying to do does not work:



Is it possible to set up the uplink network which the MS390 use to communicate with the cloud for participation in the OSPF routing domain?


I tried setting up another IP on the same subnet/VLAN under "Routing & DHCP", this newly created interface cannot reach anything, not even the mgmt IP of the MS390 itself. Is there some VRF going on under the hood? I tried this because the mgmt subnet cannot be configured for OSPF participation otherwise.


I'm guessing I have to set up the mgmt/cloud uplink outside of the OSPF process with the subnet terminating in a border device?

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Re: MS390 OSPF uplink subnet in OSPF domain?

Hey, these are good questions. Your L3 switch or switch stack will need to have it's management IP within the uplink subnet with a default gateway that is routable to the internet. This does NOT mean that it cant be in the same L3 segment, but you have to have a control plane MGMT IP & Data-plane IP. Example. 


Northbound uplink is 


  • Neighbor is
  • switch SVI is and default static is
  • switch management is and default gateway is

You can absolutely peer with using OSPF for dynamic routing, but the management interface ( must be able to statically point to and reach the internet. 


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Re: MS390 OSPF uplink subnet in OSPF domain?

Okay, thanks for the clarification. That why the SVI and MGMT IP cant reach each other I guess, because of the controlplane vs dataplane (I'm a bit rusty it would seem).


I'll have some more labbin done on this, cheers!

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