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[MS Switch] CDP/LLDP how working

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[MS Switch] CDP/LLDP how working



I'm not find information accurate about protocol CDP / LLDP, how working this on meraki switch


- what is the actualisation time after a
new connection ?


- And the hold time for an old discover disappears on a port ?

- Possible to force actualisation manually ?


Thanks for information.

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Re: [MS Switch] CDP/LLDP how working

I believe those are inner workings of the software on the switches themselves.  Not something we would know.

The only info I do know is:
LLDP frames are sent every 30 seconds with a ttl of 120 seconds
CDP frames are sent every 60 seconds with a ttl of 180 seconds


The switches should catch on quite quickly if a new entry comes up in the switch.  But they do seem to keep old entries on for a while and the change is not reflected on the dashboard immediately.

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Re: [MS Switch] CDP/LLDP how working

Thanks for your answer.


indeed the update during a new connection is quite fast

on the other hand the disappearance of an old connection seems to take several hours but how exactly

that is the question 🙂

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