MS-390 stacking madness

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MS-390 stacking madness

I have a client with multiple large stacks of MS390 switches. We are in deployment mode and for the love of god nor money can we get this switch stacking issue figured out. We updated to the MS 14.21 firmware upon support recommendation. We still have issue where the switches just will not stack. we worked with support, swapped cables, swapped switches around, ran into several known bugs. In the end the issue we found with MS-390 switches is once they form a stack, one or more stack ports show down in the interface. Support said they were sending this up to development. Are there generally issues with these cables? I have already wasted days of my life swapping hardware around waiting an hour each time for these things to reboot. Am I just screwed on this project with the stack cables and just need to get SFP's to stack or is there any hope?

Kind of a big deal

@misterguitar : do you have any nmap scans going on ? Saw similar issue with MS350

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No. None at all. right now I brought 4 of them home. As I thought the old catalyst network of the client may be causing STP issues or something. Even here at my house stacking is spotty and there is no consistency in what isn't working vs swapping cables or switches. It seems to be random.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@misterguitar does the client need the advanced features of the 390, or lots of SFP(+) ports?


If not then I'd see if Meraki will swap them with 355s (at least for one stack) as those seem pretty solid and the 390s seem to be very much a work in progress. 


I'm sure that the 390s will be very good once the bugs are all ironed out as the underlying hardware is good, but having the Meraki VM trying to control underlying IOS seems to be more complex than perhaps was first imagined.

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Request a downgrade to previously unreleased, but now stable release candidate firmware version 14.11. We encountered a similar issue on 14.21, then 14.22, then were told we needed to downgrade to 14.11.

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