Laptop can't connect to scanner

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Laptop can't connect to scanner

If scanner and laptop are in different switches, laptop can't connect to scanner. If on the contrary, scanner and laptop are connected in the same switch laptop can connect to scanner. I have two swithes MS225-48LT firmware MS 11.31, they have an uplink in trunk with the same vlans id, no acls. Laptop and scanner connected to ports in the same vlan in access mode, no rstp, no isolation.

I appreciate any help.

Kind of a big deal

Dumb question and I'm not sure if this is it either but if your laptop is Windows 10 is Windows Firewall blocking you?

If Windows 10 Firewall block the connection with scanner, when I connect both, scanner and laptop in the same switch, firewall should block also, and in the same switch it's working. Thanks for your help.

Kind of a big deal

I'm going to guess this will have something to do with multicast.  Try playing with those settings, such as disabling IGMP snooping. 

It's possible. Now I can't test this, I have just connected both in the same switch, so it's workin, the use needs to work asap.


I'm worried when I can't connect to the same switch, then I suppouse that I have to disable IGMP snooping.


Thanks for your help.

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