LAN to LAN MS250 ( does not lift the service)

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LAN to LAN MS250 ( does not lift the service)

I currently have a carrier router where I have my VLANs configured and I also have an L2L configured, on the other side I also have a router where I get the L2L To avoid that on this side is the router of the carrier who administers the VLANs, I will remove that router and use an MS250 for me to be the administrator of my VLANs.


Note: within my Network I will only have the MS (I will not have another MS or MX)


My computer has IP 13.255.X.2 for LAN to LAN, on the other side of LAN to LAN has IP 13.255.X.3

Then I have the following configuration on my MS250;



Switch          Name         Subnet                 IP                      VLAN          DHCP Setting   

Core                  User              150.X.190.0/24           150.X190.254        190                  Server

Core                  LAN to LAN    13.255.X.0/29            13.255.X.2             15                   Off
Core                  Internet          187.X.X192/26           187.X.X.200          120                  Off


Static routes

Switch          Name         Subnet                 Next Hop IP      Advertise via OSPF        
Core                  Default route                   187.X.X.193           No

Core                  Server           150.X.102.0/24           13.255.X.3


I have in my MS segment 150.X.102.0 / 24 next hop 13.255.X.3 and it is on the other side of the LAN. On the other side of the LAN to LAN have my segment 150.X.190.0 / 24 next hop 13.255.X.2.


So they can be consulted.


Assign a port in trunk mode with VLAN 15 from LAN to LAN, in the port I can see the other side of the LAN to LAN, that is, I can see IP 13.255.X.3 and the other side can also see me IP 13.255.X.2


When I start migrating services on my MS and from the 150.X.190.0 / 24 (user) segment on the other side of the LAN to LAN, they ping, for example, the IP 150.X.190.88 the ping responds but if they ping the IP 150.X.190.133 the ping does not respond and this happens to me with several IP The ping is doing it from segement 150.X.102.0 / 24 on the other side of the LAN to LAN. That could be happening ???? In what am I wrong ??? What configuration am I missing ???


Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi nst1,


You may be running into an instance of a missing return route back to the new interfaces on the MS350 from the other routers. The best way to troubleshoot would be to gather packet captures from the switch ports as the ping/traffic is attempting to pass. With the captures you should be able to track where the 350 is sending the traffic and follow it through the rest of your network. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to open a case with our support team by contacting

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