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L2L and Internet



in my netwok, I have an MX and an MS in my MS I have my VLANs configured my default route will have internet access for the user vlan and I have another VLAN Server that will connect to another remote site (an L2L)


for the two services I have the port in trunk Is this correct or will I have some affectation ???

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if you configure a "trunk", you can have more then one VLAN (separated network / IP-address-range) on one cable. a "trunk" tags the ethernet data by so called VLAN-tags. it may also have "untagged" ethernet data, that is called "native VLAN" usually.


if a port has "untagged" ethernet data only, it is called "access port" (instead of "trunk port"). usually you have to define which VLAN is put onto such a port (without any VLAN-tag on the ethernet data).


an "access port" may have a voice VLAN, which turns the port basically in a "trunk port", with one tag for voice and no tag ("native VLAN" / "access port") for regular data. [if i am wrong on this, pls correct me - never used it].


your ports connecting MX and MS shall be configured in the exact same way.


i am not exactly sure what you mean by "VLAN Server". there is sthg like a "VLAN Server" on cisco classic (which is called VTP - VLAN trunk protocol), but that's not supported by meraki and i think you mean sthg else.

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