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IGMP Snooping Issues

Comes here often

IGMP Snooping Issues

Hi guys and guyettes, 


Trying to turn to crowd knowledge here.


I've deployed a system that seems to have questionable Snooping performances.  I've ran some PCAPs and looked into a few devices on my network (most AV related) and noticed that some multicast traffic on a particular port should not have been there.  Others are snooped.  

any indication of how to properly check if the switches are in fact properly snooping? 


Network typology is below (not the greatest) 
MX100 to modem

IDF1 - MS250-24P - to MX

MDF Stack (MDF 1 and 2) MS250-48 - to IDF1

MDF 3,4,5 - MS120 - to MDF stack.


Switch Settings:

  • Querier on MDF Stack
  • Querier on IDF2
  • MultiCast Settings - IGMP snooping and Floor enabled on Default.


Not sure if I should force a IGMP snooping enabled on all switches instead of believing the Default. 


Any ideas?





Kind of a big deal

Re: IGMP Snooping Issues

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