Delete or edit interface Sw

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Delete or edit interface Sw


I have this static route and this transit VLAN


I want to delete tje transit VLAN and it does not allow it.





neither does it allow me to edit it



neither does it allow me to delete it, route static





Kind of a big deal

Have you tried delete the static route first?

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Meraki Employee

Hey @nst1,


I suppose the question actually becomes:

Why are you using the switch in L3 mode if you don't want it to route any traffic? 🙂 

If you configure a L3 interface, you will always need to have a route to reach out to the internet and therefore we will make sure that you do not delete it as it would cause loss of service to the device. 


Solution here, I think, would be to either move back to L2 if L3 is not required or create an alternative default route.


Hope this helps!



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