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Current Clients 0

Not all but a lot of my switch ports are showing Current clients 0 even though I know for a fact that client(s) are connected to the particular ports.  The port shows traffic flow during the time frame.  Even If I change to for the last month, still says 0 clients.  What would cause this?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi ,

According to Meraki Support and their documentation ( ) :

"A client will only appear in the list once it has passed Internet traffic. If a device, such as a LAN printer, does not pass any Internet traffic, then it will not appear in the list."


To be honest with you , this is a weird way to manage Clients and doesn't make any sense at all. 

That would make sense then.  One of the devices I was looking at was an old idrac that had been connected for months but meraki said 0 clients.  Could be that it hadn't reached out to the net at all.  Thanks

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