Copy DHCP changes to all Vlans?

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Copy DHCP changes to all Vlans?

Hello! I wasn't able to find the answer to this, but my wording may be terrible.

We're adding a PXE server to all of our networks and so far, we've had to go in and change each vlan to go to it individually. Is there a way to set that feature for all vlans at once? Or like, a root setting that would apply to all?

Thank you!

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I see 2 ways of doing it. You could maybe use a template and do the changes on the templates or use the APIs to push the changes on all the desired networks.

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There's no way to make this change to all VLANs with one click. You can edit multiple VLANs on the same page, but if you have a large amount this can still be slow.


As you're making the exact same change on multiple VLANs in multiple networks, I suggest utilising the API. It would be far more efficient to iterate through them and update the configuration.!update-network-appliance-vlan

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