Configuring Core Switch to get online with Sonicwall AND have Edge Switch connect to Core and get on

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Configuring Core Switch to get online with Sonicwall AND have Edge Switch connect to Core and get on

Hey again everyone,


Working on this project, I'm very unfamiliar with how to set up the Meraki switches properly, literally have 0 experience before starting. So I apologize if this topic was posted already before, but my scenario seems specific to our environment. I have a Sonicwall switch that has given an IP to the Core switch (MS410-16) when I plug it in to get onto the internet. This is nice, but now that I'm connecting an LC to LC cable from the Core switch to an Edge switch (MS125-24P), I cannot get the port to light up or do anything. When I'm in the dashboard and click on the port, it recognizes that there's a transceiver and the brand of the transceiver. Physical connections wise, I believe I have it correct, just need some direction to what I should be configuring and how on the Core and Edge switches.


Thank you in advance for your help on this.

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The link should come up automatically. It sounds like you have a layer 1 issue.

Are you sure you have the correct transceiver for the cable? And have you tried crossing the fibers to ensure that you don't have Tx to Tx and Rx to Rx?

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Just to add to that one, can you see any light coming out of the sfp of the first switch (without the fibre connected)? And also the same with the fibre connected?


NB, don’t look at the light directly with your eye. 

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Comes here often

@UCcert sorry I forgot to mention that I did check the sfp transceivers' laser from an angle (I didn't look directly inside just like you recommended), as well as when the fiber cable was plugged in on one end. Light passes through, and I made sure the opposite side inside the switch with the sfp transceiver didn't have light in it (so light into no-light). Bizarre for me, these cables and transceivers are all brand new out of the bag/box.

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