Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst 9300

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Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst 9300


I am new to using the Cisco Catalyst switches. Have used the Meraki switches for some time though. So recently, an old client has procured 3 C9300-48P-E Catalyst switches and wants them enabled for cloud monitoring via the Meraki dashboard/ or rather to onboard them to the dashboard.


I am very green on this. Never interacted with the Cisco IOS-XE before. Will I need to have physical access to the switches to take them through this? Where should I start from? Do they need to do any pre-configurations on the switches?


The bummer is we are in different countries and I can't physically access the switches and they don't have any IT literate staff with them.


Thanks for helping IA.

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Kind of a big deal

For Cloud Monitoring you can try and take a look at

In order for it to work, you need to make sure that a number of requirements are met, such as IOS-XE version, configuration etc.


In regards to Cloud Management, as far as I'm aware, it is not yet supported, although it is already announced. You should only configure Cloud Managemet, if you are in direct contact with Meraki Support and the PM team.


Personally, I'd give Cloud Monitoring a few months to mature. I've seen a fair amount of posts here on the forum where Cloud Monitoring didn't go so well.

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You should start on the documentation page.

The switches should be configured in the traditional way and operational. So you should be familiar on how to configure them. Few pre-requisite must be met before being able to enable the switches for Meraki monitoring.

Don't go with Meraki management yet, since this is not yet publicly supported.

The process to add the switches to dashboard is straight forward without the need to execute CLI on the catalyst, the app will do everything, however if it will not work - the troubleshooting requires you again to interact with the CLI. 

Good thing about catalyst is that they have console - so the client can connect them to console in case you need to access them remotely.

hi RomanMD


i have read the, however, I still have some questions.

does it mean we can do some configuration changes to C9300 via the Meraki Cloud Monitoring?

if yes where can I find what function is supported by Meraki Cloud Monitoring?





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@SkyWong44 it is monitor only from the Meraki dashboard. You can bounce a port and that's about it.  Meraki management is coming soon, but there doesn't appear to be a date yet. 

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