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Cisco ISE 2.4 with Meraki MS mab authentification

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Cisco ISE 2.4 with Meraki MS mab authentification

hello everyone 



we want to migrate our cisco switch infrastructure into a meraki infrastructure. But at this moment i can`t authentificate clients or devices by MAC adresse with the ISE 2.4 


The client gets from the ISE the right vlan but the switch doesn`t get these information. 


11001Received RADIUS Access-Request
11017RADIUS created a new session
11027Detected Host Lookup UseCase (Service-Type = Call Check (10))
15049Evaluating Policy Group
15008Evaluating Service Selection Policy
15041Evaluating Identity Policy
15013Selected Identity Source - Internal Endpoints
24209Looking up Endpoint in Internal Endpoints IDStore - 48:7A:55:03:FE:81
24211Found Endpoint in Internal Endpoints IDStore
22037Authentication Passed
24715ISE has not confirmed locally previous successful machine authentication for user in Active Directory
15036Evaluating Authorization Policy
15016Selected Authorization Profile - VLAN_242_full-access
11002Returned RADIUS Access-Accept


802.1x works fine with the MS Switches. 


plz let me now if someone can help me



kind regards



Here to help

Re: Cisco ISE 2.4 with Meraki MS mab authentification

Can you share the contents of the Authorization Profile sent from ISE to the switch.


It should match whats in this KB:


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