Changing Management IP Address of Meraki Switch (MS390-24)


Changing Management IP Address of Meraki Switch (MS390-24)

I would like to get inquiry regarding the changing of Management of IP Address of the Core Switch.

1. What will happen, or what is the behavior if I will change the management IP Address of the Switch, then suddenly disconnects from the Meraki Cloud? Will the operation is also down?

2. How to revert from original Management IP Address if I cannot access it via Meraki Cloud?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, the device will continue operation if it loses its cloud connectivity.
If the device loses connection with your change, it will revert this configuration change automatically:

Safe Configuration 

Safe configuration means that “the device has connectivity to cloud and hasn't rebooted for 30 minutes following a configuration change.” That is, the safe configuration is the last configuration the device received from the cloud that was not followed by a reboot within 30 minutes. 

MS switch

  • If the configuration is safe
    • MS switch will never reboot
  • If the configuration is not safe
    • MS switch will try to obtain an IP address on an alternate VLAN and then connect to the cloud through that alternate connection
    • MS switch will revert to previous safe configuration 2 hours after lost connectivity
    • After reverting to a safe configuration, the former configuration will be marked bad



In worst case you have to change the IP on the local status page:

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@ryanperez11 changing the management IP of any MS switch doesn't disrupt the data plane, so can be done safely.  I haven't personally tried with a CS switch such as the 390, but I'd expect the same behaviour.


If the switch cannot reach the cloud then you'll either need to connect to the local status page to set an appropriate IP or do a hardware reset on the switch where it will use DCHP to try to find the internet.  This will disrupt the data plane for up to 30 minutes with a CS switch.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The switch will also attempt to use DHCP over alternate VLANs, in order to obtain IP config and reach the Dashboard that way (it will then flag up that it's using that, rather than the configured VLAN).

If your Core switch is configured for Layer-3 routing, remember that the management is separate from the user traffic (different VLAN)

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