C9300-48UXM Meraki Management Onboading Issue

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C9300-48UXM Meraki Management Onboading Issue

I am trying to onboard some Cisco SKU switches into the Meraki dashboard for management. Everything I can find it tells me that our switches are supported (C9300-48UXM, C9300-48U, C9300-24U).


I am following the Meraki dashboard deployment guide and it tells me that C9300-NM-2Y is a supported network module however I get the following when I run the command "sh meraki compatibility"


1 C9300-48UXM - Compatible 17.10.1r - Compatible C9300-NM-2Y - Incompatible
2 C9300-48UXM - Compatible 17.10.1r - Compatible C9300-NM-2Y - Incompatible
3 C9300-24U - Compatible 17.10.1r - Compatible N/A


I am guessing it is the ios version number, as I look at the release information of that version and it doesn't mention C9300-NM-2Y as being supported but I cannot find which one to use and the documentation tells me to use 17.10.x.


What am I missing?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.


Try this onboarding process (it is the current recommended one):

Thanks but I believe that is the process for monitoring and not management. I've been through that process and it went fine.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

You can migrate the switch today, just remove the NM-2Y module and then complete the migration process. I've fixed the documentation bug showing 2Y support today.


We plan on fully supporting the 2Y module on the 9300-M by our launch date for the C9300-NM-2Y-M in Jan/Feb. With Early access coming sooner (Dec/Jan). Stay tuned!

Okay thanks, I thought about giving this a try, but I wanted to see if there was a definitive answer. I will give this a try and see how it goes.

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According to https://documentation.meraki.com/MS/Deployment_Guides/Getting_started%3A_Cisco_Catalyst_9300_Managem... the C9300-NM-2Y is supported, and i also see it in the Port list - but the device is not recognizing the module. Is there any news to this? a Customer just bought 20 pcs of it and they are not working.. 




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