What's the quickest way?

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What's the quickest way?

To get an image from a camera from the time the initial request is made?


The documents say that from when a request is made for an image it can take up to 5 seconds for the image URL to be made available. That will then need to be pulled down to my process. Are there any other ways?


The use case is that when an event is generated, a message needs to go to a camera to focus on the right area and then an image is created and made available. Alongside that, is it possible to then also have other cameras in the area also be told to focus on that area so that there will be multiple points of view?


Also, is there a way to create times and points of interest, so when these external events happen, the system then knows that the footage should be retained for an extended duration, or offloaded?


I'm just setting up trial kit so will be looking to test the various methods, however, it would be good to know if anyone has already come across the situation.




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