View only camera footage - nothing else

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View only camera footage - nothing else

Is there a way to have users only view camera footage and not be able to make any setting changes in each camera, like Zoom, HDR, etc? 

We are trying to replace a security squad room setup where they just view all the camera footage on a video wall type setup. We are using SAML roles and I thought I could accomplish this View only with camera roles and SAML but not getting the desired results. 


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Check out the Meraki Vision Portal.


Under Network-Wide/Administration you can define camera only admins.



If you use SAML you can also configure role-based access.  If you don't currently use SAML - skip this - its a lot of work to setup from scatch. 


Unfortunately we are wanting to use SAML to keep track of access and tie in with Active Directory so we don't want to do Camera-Only admins. 


I have a SAML role for setup and it works for Single Sign on to the Dashboard and permissions look to be working but I'd like to not have these users make any changes on the cameras themselves. 

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