Video Wall Setup

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Video Wall Setup

Before committing to a purchase of 7 Meraki cameras we need to determine if the video wall can be displayed the way we need it.  This is our intention:


We have a large open floor that needs live footage of all 7 cameras displayed

We intend to connect a PC directly to a large mounted TV

Create a read only Camera admin account - to login and display the video wall


Concerns are - can we prevent the system from automatically logging out?  If not, how frequently will that happen?

What specs should we look at to have 1080/enhanced quality?  Any other input would be appreciated.


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@KCM  i suggest you consider the new version of meraki cameras MV22X



unfortunately the idle time is real you will be logged out more frequently depending on your timeout setting 






If the idle timeout is left blank, will it default and log them out at one point in time or will the window remain logged in?  If there is a default, what is the max logout time (XXX minutes)?

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@KCM  i haven't indicated anytime on my dashboard and once i login i can stay even more than five hours 


i dont know the exact time you will be logged out but i can assure you you will remaine login for long


















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