SenseAPI stops sending data on MQTT

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SenseAPI stops sending data on MQTT

Good morning community,
We're running into very unexpected issues with our MV cameras regarding the MQTT feed.
The issue is observed running 4.0 stable and 4.4 beta firmware on MV22 and MV12W
Description of the issue:
1. After configuring the MV Sense MQTT settings, cameras on all networks will send data on the `raw_detections` topic for approximately 5 days. After that, no more data is being produced on that topic. However, the `lux` topic continues to have data and no issue is reported by the camera or the MQTT server.
(rebooting the camera, reseting the MV Sense + MQTT config on the camera sometimes leads back to the data being produced again)
2. Every time the camera needs to send `raw_detection` messages, it reconnects to the MQTT broker. The expected flow is that the connection to the broker is kept at all times and data is sent via the already open connection. The result is an alternating 1s data for raw_detections, 1s lux, 1s raw_detections, 1s lux, and so on...
Does it ring any bell ? Any idea ?
Thanks for your help
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Kind of a big deal

Sounds like a bug.  You'll need to open a support case on that one.


I have the cameras I look after plugged into an MS switch, and I used a power schedule to give them a reboot every week.


I've run into several issues like yours before.

Any updates on this issue?  Has it been resolved?  We are running into this issue as well with MQTT.

The most recent firmware is much better now.

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