New to MV? Start here!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

New to MV? Start here!

Hello! Are you new to the world of MV Cameras? If so, we've got a few resources to help introduce you to the solution.


Getting Started


MV Quick Start - LED indicator overview and steps to quickly bring an MV online

Installation Guides - Model specific guides for physical installation and mounting

Initial Configuration - Collection of documents for configuration of basic camera features (zoom, crop, focus, privacy windows, night mode, audio, and wireless settings)



General Info


2nd Gen MV Overview - Technical breakdown of hardware specs and features for our 2nd Gen cameras

MV FAQ - Frequently asked MV questions

Cameras Overview - Industry Terminology, Features, and Architectures

Designing MV Solutions - Site Survey and Deployment Best Practices 

Advanced Configurations - Collection of documents for configuration of advanced features (video walls, motion alerts, custom permissions, etc)

Troubleshooting - Understand firmware, troubleshoot image quality, and troubleshoot potentially faulty MV



Feature Specific


Viewing Video - Documents to help understand video streaming and video searching

Processing Video - Documents for processing, exporting, and sharing video

Video Analytics - Motion Heatmaps and Object Detection (people and vehicle)




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Here to help

So, I got a couple of MVs. But when I enroll them, i get an error saying that I lack the right licenses. When I look in my dashboard it says that I have MV-SEN licenses. But the cameras seem to want an MV license? Is there a difference? Help!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Yes there is a difference @EricWenger .  MV has the possibility of having up from 1 to 3 licenses depending on your needs.


1.  MV License in general is required for management, viewing, support, warranty, and all the things really to get you going.  So with every MV hardware you would need to get a MV license to start. 


2.  MV Cloud Archive - OPTIONAL - and is there if you wish to store video in the cloud.


3.  MV Sense - OPTIONAL - all Organizations come with 10 free MV Sense licenses and this is really around going deep on your analytics for what the MV cameras can offer with customization and a variety of machine learning applications . 


So you need to make sure you have #1 to start and get you going and the other 2 are completely optional.

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