New Camera models vs. drop ceilings

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New Camera models vs. drop ceilings

My initial install experience with the MV21 and MV71 models went quite well (2 years ago).  They have the built-in dropped ceiling grid mounting as an option for the indoor MV21.  I'm finding out that the newer models do not have this option.  I'm curious what methods have some of you come up with for the new models being mounted to a drop ceiling.


I'm considering adding wood above the ceiling tile for support.  What suggestions do some of you have that have encountered this?



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On the MV22 page it shows a part called "MA-MNT-CLG-1" which I'm guessing is for short for "Mount Ceiling".  It's at the bottom of this page:

@BrothersTM  One option I have used in the past is to screw the camera / WAP mounting bracket through the tile into a piece of wooden board on the other side of the tile. 


It works well and never had any issues with it. 

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The weight of the MV22 will allow install on the tile without the wood backing. We used toggle bolts on 3 cameras. However, it ends up a bit loose and any movement may weaken the tile area where the bolts go through (for example, when you take the cover off to adjust the lens). If I have to do another tile install (most likely next month), I will add some type of backing board.


Meraki now sells the t-bar bolts as a separate item. I believe MSRP is $25. I wish they were cheaper, or free on request. I agree no need to include them with every camera (to save on production cost), but offer it as a 5-10 pack for free or a minimal fee (not $25/each).

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FYI, it is possible to use the mounting brackets as a template and then get some custom machined bolts, brackets whatever you need. This is what we did for a client.

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