My screenshots from Mv22s and MV72s are motion blurred

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My screenshots from Mv22s and MV72s are motion blurred



We moved over from Avigilon cameras and those were a breeze to get a crisp screenshot from. The MV22s and MV72s have proved to be more difficult. 


Does anyone have a good way to get crisp screenshots of a walking person or moving vehicle? I have all our cameras set to the highest quality.





Kind of a big deal
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Usually this is something that is handled by adjusting shutterspeed settings so if you check out the MV52, we have released a feature that allows you to manually set the shutterspeed.  Check the link out below.  In most dome camera use cases they are set primarily around wide areas to get a general sense of what is happening in a big Field of View.  Makes it harder to capture that moment with minimal to no blur especially in cases of fast moving objects like cars or bicycles.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Mitchell858 also worth mentioning is that the Meraki cameras (apart from the MV52) don't achieve frame rates over 20fps and this can cause more motion blur than you would be used to with traditional CCTV solutions.  The MV52 is a good step to address this and I believe more high frame rate models will be coming.

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