Motion Alert expected behavior


Motion Alert expected behavior


I've set up my MV71 motion alert with "Minimum event duration for trigger" and "Sensitivity" because it sends too many alerts even it seems not that much when I review it through dashboad.My question is if I setup "duration for trigger", how often it triggers the event. Let's say I set "10 seconds" for "duration for trigger", what happened if the object in the camera still moving after 10 seconds?Do I get an alert every seconds after 10 sec? or I get an alert every second after first alert? or I only get once and no more alearts for a while?

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Kind of a big deal

I think the theory is that if something is "still" moving after 10 seconds it's still the same "event" but just with a longer duration. So I think you won't get another alert. For a new alert, motion would have to stop first. Of course, all this being algorithm based, in reality, you may get something in between. If the motion dwindles enough it may see this as a period of no motion.


Perhaps someone from the MV team can confirm this. I haven't seen any documentation about this. @Saralyn, what do you say?

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