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Motion Alert expected behavior



I've set up my MV71 motion alert with "Minimum event duration for trigger" and "Sensitivity" because it sends too many alerts even it seems not that much when I review it through dashboad.

My question is if I setup "duration for trigger", how often it triggers the event. Let's say I set "10 seconds" for "duration for trigger", what happened if the object in the camera still moving after 10 seconds?

Do I get an alert every seconds after 10 sec? or I get an alert every second after first alert? or I only get once and no more alearts for a while?

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I'm not sure, but I think it uses the same logic it also uses for motion search. So if there is continuous movement it would register as a single motion event. That said, no algortithm that does this will be flawless. So I think the real behavior will lie somewhere in between. You won't get an alert every 10 seconds, but sometimes a single event of longer duration might trigger multiple alerts.


Again, I'm not sure, but I think that'll be the behavior.

Thank you for your reply. What you are saying is very similar to the actual behavior which I get several alerts when an object is continually moving around. However I'd like to confirm the behavior of motion alert feature. So I will open a case and ask them detail.



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The alert would reset for another 10 seconds. Also if motion recap was available it would include this picture in the email.

Thank you for your comment. If that is expected behavior, what I experianced is a bug. I will open a case anyway.


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