Meraki camera sales killers

Kind of a big deal

Meraki camera sales killers

I don't think I'll be awake at the time, but @GeorgeB two things keep killing Meraki camera sales for me:

  • Lack of real time viewing when running over the private network.  I can understand there being a delaying when running over the cloud - but we need to get the delay down a lot more when running over local infrastructure.
  • We need a bigger range of cameras.  For example, the last Meraki camera deal I lost was because they wanted a camera that would go outside high up on a pole looking down on a yard.  The built in zoom is not enough.
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  • For some customer deployments, 'realtime' video streaming (<500ms) is a big deal. For some customer deployments it is not. Today Meraki MV uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) due to its widespread browser and platform support, but this comes with some delay based on how HLS works (a couple of seconds). As other modern web technologies mature and gain wider support (for example Apple's announcement of WebRTC for Safarai here) we will look at transitioning.  The way I look at it today is that the product is only a year old and we have many things left to build. Do you want the camera for a door entry system? Well it is probably not right for you at this time. Do you want the camera to protect your school over night so you can see what happens in the morning? Well then it is a good fit.
  • Again the family of products is still young and we know there are many form factors and options people need. These will come in time as we build out our offerings, it is just not as easy to deliver new hardware as it is to deliver new software through the cloud.
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