Meraki Real Time Alerting

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Meraki Real Time Alerting

Hello Meraki Peeps. I had posted a while ago asking a question about webhooks and Meraki. Now that the world is flipped upside-down, I have circled back on this topic. My company is going to be getting away from Solarwinds in effort to utilize our built in capabilities so we aren't wasting money. We have one solution for servers and databases and such, but as for the networking side of things I thought that we might as well utilize Meraki's alerting capabilities.

I'm doing as much research as I can working from home with a 9 month old, but am trying to find what info on Meraki's alerting using web hooks, and from what I can see there isn't much the webhooks provide in terms of additional features or alerts/monitoring of network that Meraki doesn't already have built into it.

My question is, should I even spend time trying to configure webhooks with Meraki API for network monitoring/alerting if Meraki's built-in alerting already has all those capabilities built in?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

So there is kinda like two layers.  First there is the alerting engine, and then the system that delivers those alerts to you.


You can have the alerts delivered via a webhook or via an email.


If you are happy with the emails, just stick with them.


Webhooks shine when you integrate them with other things to manage those alerts, like PagerDuty.

Often if you Google what you want to integrate a webhook with you can find code to do it already.

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