Meraki ICU

Kind of a big deal

Meraki ICU

I have updated my previous meraki-mqtt-alpr and called it meraki-icu.


Second generation Cisco Meraki MV cameras (those ending with a "2" in their model number) have built in people detection.  The Cisco Meraki MV72 (and only the MV72) can also detect vehicles.  These cameras can deliver the detections (called a notification) via a system known as MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) to an MQTT broker.  Clients can connect to the MQTT broker and subscribe to those notifications and process them further in some way.


meraki-icu is a node.js application that subscribes or consumes the MQTT notifications from second generation Cisco Meraki MV cameras via an MQTT broker.  In the case of people detections it can optionally save a still snapshot and optionally pass the image to Amazon AWS Rekognition to profile the person and determine their gender, age range and emotional state.  In the case of vehicle detections (from an MV72 camera) meraki-icu can use a cloud based image to licence plate server - either or  They call these services ALPR or ANPR depending where in the world you come from.  If is used and you are based in New Zealand meraki-icu can optionally look up the number in the New Zealand Police stolen vehicles database to see if the vehicle is stolen.


You can get the application from here: 

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