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Max Camera Resolution

I noticed when reading through the datasheet of the MV71 that the camera has a 5MP (2560x1920) sensor. The camera, however, only records in 720p. Does this mean that the cameras may be able to support higher recording resolutions in the future? I understand that would limit the length of storage but at least having the option for a higher resolution would be nice.

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We may potentially offer features which take advantage of the sensors resolution in the future. As with most Meraki hardware, we build a product with headroom for future feature growth based on delivering software updates from the cloud. Today the camera is optimized for storage retention, which is typically the specification of most interest for customers. 


Ya I totally get that storage retention is the main focus. However, it would be nice to at least give the option to people to set a higher resolution but it could also indicate how many days of storage would be lost by doing so. For my needs, a higher resolution is more important than storage retention. If I could get a couple days worth of storage at 1080p, I would be happy.

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