MV22 Mount


MV22 Mount

Hello is the Ceiling Mount included with the MV22? Also, can one buy a spare? Looking for the part number on that as well. Thanks!

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Kind of a big deal

The included mount will be similar to the MV12 one.


See this video for an idea:


Not sure if you can buy a spare.

Thank you! Looks like it's only a wall mount. Ceiling mount appears not to be an option. Will continue to look. Also, great video...thanks again!

You should be able to use it to mount to the ceiling too.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@gcooney14  The mounting hardware included with the MV22 can be used for walls and ceilings alike.  In the box there is a base plate (which you do need) and also a junction box mounting plate (which you may or may not need) to accommodate a variety of installs.  The data sheet lists a "wall mount" but it can just as well be ceiling mount.  Check out the install guide here.  Unfortunately, I do not see the mounting hardware orderable as spare parts.  I will make sure suggestion to update the data sheet to say "wall/ceiling mounting kit" and ask if there might be some new SKUs for ordering spare base plates.


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