MV12we hardware error after firmware update

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MV12we hardware error after firmware update

I just bought six MV12we cameras. I hung 2 of them up and they connected perfectly to start. They went and grabbed the latest firmware and now I get a "potential hardware problem detected-please contact support."

Support wants me to send the 2 cameras back that I had this issue with but the problem is that it does it with each one of my new MV12's. 

I don't think it's a hardware issue...I think it's a firmware issue but I don't know of a way to test that theory. Is it possible to rollback one camera? Or can anyone else think of what the issue could be?

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Re: MV12we hardware error after firmware update

Go to:

Organization/Firmware Upgrades


If there was been a recent upgrade, you can click on the little circle with an arrow on the right hand side to roll the firmware back.


Screenshot from 2018-08-29 06-51-40.png

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