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MV12W-HW Azure

Hello guys, hope you are well!


A partner wants to buy MV12Ws and asks if we can use Azure for saving the Camera streams.


Do you know if this is possible? And if yes, a guide maybe would be really appreciated!


Thanks a lot in advance for your time.

Kind of a big deal

@ptsakalos yes you can store camera stream on the cloud. Check the cloud archive guide below

check this as well


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Cloud archive comes in 90- and 180-day storage options and can be enabled on a per-camera basis, allowing for custom-tailored storage solutions for every organization. This means that only critical cameras will back up their video to the cloud and bandwidth limits can be adhered to. Cameras will continue to retain footage locally in addition to the cloud copy, providing redundancy and greater peace of mind.


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Thanks a lot for your answer! Really appreciate it!

Kind of a big deal

You would normally use Meraki's cloud archive system.  This doesn't use your cloud.  So it would not go into your Azure tenancy.

By using the Meraki system you get deep integration with the Meraki dashboard.


If they really want to store it in their own tenancy they would have to use RTSP.  They would have to deploy their own RTSP receiver, figure out how to get that plumbed into Azure, and then figure out what they are going to use to process the video, watch it with, search with, etc.

Really painfull.

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