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While I love the Meraki MV system overall, one of my major concerns is if our site WAN connection drops. As an example today we performed some firewall maintenance which obviously interrupts communication to the Meraki Dashboard. Is there a way to view the cameras over the local network in the event a WAN connection can not be re-established? 



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The cameras need a cloud connection as the metadata and information relating to stored video is in the cloud. Additionally, the UI is dashboard which is served from the cloud. Without access to this information and services, your client can't access a UI for the cameras, nor can the camera retrieve the metadata related to the video it has stored.


However, as the video would be streamed directly from the camera, a small backup link is sufficient to run many cameras e.g. LTE or cellular backup can run over 100 cameras if the video stream is going local.

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sooner or later the WAN connection will be reestablished, i'd say. in the worst case you bring the cams back online within another network that has internet connectivity.


most important, i'd say is, that the cams do record while the WAN is not available.

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