Heater status change - Video feed drops

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Heater status change - Video feed drops

Has anyone had this issue? When ever it get the "Heater status change" in the logs we loose video feed for about 10 minutes?

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Is the heater kicking on and then you lose 10 min of video?

Assuming the PoE port is able to provide enough power?
Nolan Herring | nolanwifi.com

Good idea @NolanHerring I'd say that or faulty camera. How long has the camera been in operation?

Its running of an old 2960L. It does not have POE+.

POE+ isn't required for the MV71 or MV72. The MV72 requires a minimum of 12.95 watts


1. Can you confirm the model of camera?

2. Is the cable run shorter than 100 metres? 

3. Is the camera new or has it been installed for some time?

4. How long has the issue been happening?


Actually both the MV71 and MV72 require PoE+ when using the heater.



@DonAnnett  Good spotting, the datasheet I read is very wrong then. 


I get it once a week, no video feed for about 4-5 min

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

You are most likely exceeding the PoE delivery capacity of the switch port which is cutting power to the camera. Without the heater the camera will draw <15.4W for normal operation (same as the MV22). With the heater on it will draw more than 15.4W (PoE) and if the IR LEDs are also active it can draw up to the maximum 25.5W as stated in the datasheet, which requires PoE+.


I dont think the heater was on, it was 30+ C degrees at the location where the camera is installed. It was 56C or 133F according to the logs at the time of the accident.

IR lights were off.
The Camera Power consumption was 6W

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

In this case I would recommend raising a support case to investigate what is going on in more detail.

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Interesting - We have started to hit this issue and event log message.


deg_C: 40.50, deg_F: 104.90, new_state: off


MV goes offline for 10minutes and recovers.


Raising a fault now stay tuned. 



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