Camera Not Recording - Everything Else Working

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Camera Not Recording - Everything Else Working

Has anyone else had a problem with the MV12 cameras not recording but fully functioning in every other way. The analytics etc all work, however when you go to view footage in the past, all you get is a "No Video" message on the screen.


It must be camera related because there is a neighbouring camera connected to the same wireless network working without issue.


We have logged a case with Meraki but it seems to have stumped them as we are not receiving a resolution, the only suggestion was a known bug with enabling microphone recording can cause a recording issue, this didn't resolve the issue, however.


Camera live feed works, can connect to network and meraki cloud, proxy is fine etc etc. Nothing in the logs about a write disk error or something related.

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@Priesty that's certainly not right and if Support seems stumped then get them to engage with the MV PM team and/or Engineering (if they haven't already).  I don't have any additional advice since it sounds like there's certainly nothing configuration related and you've already gone through all the checks.  If nothing else, have the camera RMA'd but instead of a normal RMA process, get your Cisco/Meraki team to arrange the return directly to the MV PM team for analysis (unless they can perform that analysis while it's still online in your network prior to RMA).


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Yeah, I was hoping they could try and fix this problem remotely without having to RMA as the location of it is in the middle of nowhere.

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I am having exactly the same issue. Any chance that has been resolved without RMA?


Thank you in advance

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