Backup Cloud Connection not working

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Backup Cloud Connection not working

We have two MV cameras in the same network different switch behind same firewall one works fine the other does not save the video to cloud and it says its unreachable

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I'd first check the firewall to ensure that there are no rules blocking "Cloud communication" for the cameras. (Help>Firewall info within dashboard)


If this is fine, I'd then check the switches/devices in the path to ensure that there are no ACL's which could be blocking the communication.


If this is fine, take packet captures from the switch-port where the cameras are connected to see what's going on. If traffic is passing, I'd take a similar capture from the WAN interface of the Firewall to ensure it's transversing your LAN fine.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A bit ugly, but you could try factory resetting the one that is not working properly and let it redeploy.

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