BUG? Send Test Webhook

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BUG? Send Test Webhook

In doing our license plate recognition (LPR, aka ALPR, aka ANPR) integration, we think we spotted a bug.  


The bug is with the Send Test Webhook.  We tried to send it a few times but it did not seem to work.  This issue is in Step 2 of Set Meraki Camera Webhooks to Plate Recognizer from our Integration Steps: https://platerecognizer.com/integrations/meraki/


Basically, sharedSecret is "" but should be "secret".


Anyone able to confirm/deny this?  If you want, you can get a free account at https://platerecognizer.com and then go through the steps of https://platerecognizer.com/integrations/meraki/ to spot the (we think it's a) bug.


  "version": "0.1",
  "sharedSecret": "",
  "sentAt": "2020-05-09T05:31:44.510943Z",
  "organizationId": "959623",
  "organizationName": "Plate Recognizer",
  "organizationUrl": "https://n255.meraki.com/o/pcz7Fb/manage/organization/overview",
  "networkId": "L_706502191543755593",
  "networkName": "Test",
  "networkUrl": "https://n255.meraki.com/Test-camera/n/VD_0Ja_d/manage/nodes/list",
  "alertId": "",
  "alertType": "Settings changed",
  "occurredAt": "2020-05-09T05:31:44.462472Z",
  "alertData": {}
Kind of a big deal

Yes this is a long-running bug.


However, I don't think you should be using webhooks.  You need a single image of when a vehicle is spotted.  Webhooks send you many frames of motion collapsed (a motion recap image) onto a single frame, which will screw up ALPR.  There is an option to disable this in the GUI - but when I tried this it will it still sends motion recap images.


You need to use the MQTT interface instead.


Hi Philip - thanks for the reply!  I should have searched harder for the Test Webhooks bug.  This seems to be an easy fix so I'm surprised it's a long-running bug.  😞


As for using the webhooks, actually, based on our tests, the Meraki webhooks is sending over a single image (one jpeg), not a motion recap.  So we were able to decode the image and also show the results in our online dashboard.


Can you kindly give it a try?  Here are the Integration Steps: https://platerecognizer.com/integrations/meraki/

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