MV2 is officially a supported gateway for MT!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

MV2 is officially a supported gateway for MT!


MT sensors can officially connect to MV2 smart cameras via Bluetooth® Low Energy as a gateway to the Meraki platform.


The battery-powered nature of MT and the flexible, compact form factor of MV2 enable organizations to gain complete visibility of any environment.


Upgrade your firmware to MV4.17+ to take advantage of this new functionality.


New to MT or MV2? Talk with a Meraki specialist today to get started with a free trial. 

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Building a reputation

This will drive meraki to an IOT platform. Cool 😍

Will there be more modules from the MT Series upcoming?


  • For office spaces I would like to see AQI sensors.

Currently I got some cheap BME580 with espressif WiFi-MCUs to get some readings, but that’s something developed on my own.

  • Gas Sensors?
  • Glass break sensors?
  • General purpose in/out sensor/actuator?


I am thrilled to see more.

@MerryAki Can you elaborate a little more about the use cases you're looking to solve for? 

Building a reputation

Hey @David-H,
I just had some thoughts on what would be a good fit for the MV-Platform
To start with a quote from the website:
Prepare today for the unseen challenges of tomorrow with environmental data-driven insights.

What kind of environmental data is useful for businesses?

-Temperature, Humidity, Gases, AQI, maybe rain, radiation/UV Light and wind

-Leakage, Glass-break, motion sensors, door sensors, fire/smoke


-Buttons, dimmer, switches, actuators

Of course, this is just my opinion, but there are a lot of manufacturers of network or other equipments who started producing weird stuff:
-Ubiquiti/Unifi (Solar powered appliances, which is similar to meraki by the way)

-AVM/FritzBox: Heating controller and smart-phone appliances

-Amazon: Echo/gadgets

last but not least google with Nest/heating/protection solution.

All of them offer WiFi-access points 😀

Thanks for elaborating @MerryAki
Today, we can monitor a few of the metrics you listed with

  • MT10 (temp/humidity)
  • MT11 (cold storage temperature)
  • MT12 (rain/flooding)
  • MT14 (temp/humidity/noise/indoor air quality)
  • MT20 (door open/close)
  • MT30 (smart automation button)

For the other metrics not covered, what is the customer problem that you're trying to solve for and what is it about the existing solutions on the market that simply do not meet the customer need? 

Building a reputation

Thanks T/H and AQI is covered at MT14?
Didn't knew that, great 😍

But there is more to come, I will stay tuned

@MerryAki yep! Check MT14 out on the Meraki website to learn more:

Getting noticed

Will an MT30 button connect to an MV22 camera?  My cameras are on a separate meraki network so the button currently has no access point to connect to.  If I put my button on the wifi network then it can't access the camera to take a snapshot.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@watdee yes it should do. I have an MT10 connected to an MV12 and it works well. 

Thanks for the info.  I have it set up now and it's working great with the MV22.  

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