MV Blutooth covarage distance for MT.

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MV Blutooth covarage distance for MT.


I'm building MT solution with MV, and I need to know What is ths coverage area for Blutooth becon at MV? and It's the same on all models?




Kind of a big deal

I'd love to know the expected operating coverage circle as well.

I'm still at stage to calculate, also I have walles. I did some tests with my mobile blutooth and MR, It was about 15 at open space and 10-13 if there wall. But this was with MR33, I'm not sure if the beacon at MV is the same.

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@IMustafaSaleh @PhilipDAth documentation with some guidance on this is coming soon, and I'm not sure in what format or if there will be actual distances stated, since it's RF and every deployment is going to be different.  Short answer will always be "it depends".  So like with WiFi, perhaps the officially correct answer is to do a site survey.  The main takeaway is a general statement, it is Bluetooth communication, so expect the typical Bluetooth distances and propagation and attenuation characteristics.


Note, max EIRP is 10mW (10 dBm), and antennas are integrated and cannot be replaced/modified/extended. Also keep ion mind that the MV cameras are designed to be wireless clients, so you might expect slightly better range for your MT sensors with an MR access point versus and MV camera, which may or may not be noticeable, again every deployment will vary.

Kind of a big deal

I've found the coverage to be really good.  It seems to be similar to WiFi coverage.


I would say that if you use the same rules you use for WiFi coverage that you'll be ok.

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