vMX for Azure Gov Cloud

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vMX for Azure Gov Cloud

Hello all, 

Anyone know of a timeline for a vMX to be available in Azure Government? There are only a handful of options in the watered down version and a Meraki is not one. 😞


We're about to start a major roll out to branch offices and would love to be able to AutoVPN and not have to do a site to site.



Meraki Employee

Hi @JWill, Please contact your Meraki sales rep, hey should have information about product roadmap. We also encourage you to use the Meraki dashboard to "make a wish" and submit a feature request. You can submit a feature request at the bottom of any dashboard page.
Any wish that is made sends an email to our Product Managers and Development Teams. These wishes are taken into consideration and are used to help shape our product roadmaps. The most wished-for items are incorporated into product development.
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Kind of a big deal

>Any wish that is made sends an email to our Product Managers and Development Teams.


Really?  It sends them an email?  Their inboxs must be flooded.

Thanks, Raj. I have wished! 🙂

Getting noticed

Hi JWill, did you ever get anywhere with this? We've got the same requirement too.



Getting noticed

Cisco are telling me that vMX for G Cloud is still unavailable.

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