unknown Informational exchange received

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unknown Informational exchange received

I have an MX64 that has a site-to-site VPN configured to connect to a Zyxel firewall. The VPN tunnel is dropping multiple times a week. On the Zyxel firewall we see 2 tunnels opened by the Meraki. On the Meraki, I am seeing the following message in the log:


msg: unknown Informational exchange received.


Any idea what may be causing the disconnect?


And is there a way to reset the VPN tunnel without reset the entire device?





Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Vince!


This message doesn't indicate a specific issue, however it can be associated with a configuration mismatch of some kind. When the issue is occurring (when the tunnel is down) the MX will generate more useful logging messages that Meraki support will be able to help you interpret. If you're able to, it would be ideal if you can leave the tunnel in the broken state and call into Meraki support before the tunnel comes back up. We'll be able to better diagnose the issue if we can see the logs in real-time.


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