speed test when load balancing is enabled

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speed test when load balancing is enabled



I have two ISPs


a) WAN1 - CenturyLink  Ethernet 100/20

b) WAN2 - AT&T Fiber Hand-off 50/50


If I run a speed test with my Uplink setting, "primary uplink" is WAN1, and Load Balancing is enable, what am I supposed to get from the test?


Will my Upload 150 and download 70?


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Im pretty sure the load balancing is flow-based, meaning that all traffic for the speed test will be sent down one WAN link only. 


So I would expect close to 100 or 50 Mbps on the download. Definitely not 150Mbps



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My favorite speed test website is http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest.


There are multiple servers that respond to my "speed test" request. So I guess there are multiple flows for the test. If that's the case, shouldn't it be 150 and 70? I"m not sure about upload speed though.

What do you actually get when you test this? 


If you getting 150 Mbps on your speed test because of unique flows then great


From the speed tests I have used previously, I would expect either100 or 50 Mbps



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