non meraki vpn question

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non meraki vpn question

Hi, i want create a non meraki vpn site to site with a sonicwall.

In a meraki document i have view this note:

  • Make sure that the remote subnets configured on Sonicwall exactly match the VPN subnets configured on the MX.

If i have active autovpn with many local network, these are also used for the non-meraki vpn?
Do I have to configure the sonicwall to talk to all of my local networks? Is there any way to tell vpn to use only the default network?



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Re: non meraki vpn question

The Meraki will use all the local networks that you have told it to include in VPN as the source encryption domain doe a non-Meraki VPN.  It will not include any routes from AutoVPN.


Re: non meraki vpn question

MX will route your clients traffic automatically to the Sonicwall subnet.

As for the Sonicwall, you should contact their support how to configure it but, yes, you will need to configure routes for all the MX subnets you want to connect to over the VPN.

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