mx68cw built in SIM card slot nightmare (ATT)

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mx68cw built in SIM card slot nightmare (ATT)

Can anyone help me, please? We recently had a local ISP issue and many of my clients are opting to use the Cellular  failover option "built in" to the MX68cw. Also another client cannot get internet to her location so this could run 2 cameras for her. In any case, AT&T and Verizon have zero knowledge that these devices are available to use on their networks. My worker has spent hrs on the phone because they tell him that they do not support it. Ok, we got passed that. a SIM is now activated with the IMEI number on the firewall. This is on the ATT network. It keeps trying to grab the uplink. it always fails. ATT blames it on meraki support, and meraki blames it on ATT support.  A big circle jerk. I want to get them on the phone together if possible, but they refuse on both ends. Also, I need an APN which no one can give. Online ATT has 4-5 and I have tried them all. But they do not know and meraki said they do not know. I asked meraki to look at one that is working on their network.


Meraki needs to get knowledge to these carriers so they can get these activated nd not take hrs

It should not be this much of a pain in the ass, it really should not


Has anyone got the MX68cw on a cellular network, preferably ATT, but I would take any at this juncture. My thanks in advance everyone for reading! 

Kind of a big deal

I have recently struggled to get a Z3C operating with EE (best coverage 4G, first 5G) in the UK. My travails sounded very like yours. Fortunately, I had a really helpful Meraki support engineer - Connor Loughlin - in London. He went out and got an EE SIM and then confirmed that the EE network functioned with Meraki devices, without using ASNs.


The problem was that the picture beneath the Z3C's SIM slot of a stylised SIM encouraged one to insert the SIM wrong side up and wrong way round.


This photograph shows the correct SIM orientation and is now in the Meraki support notes - 

Z3C SIM.jpg


The other problem was really dysfunctional systems at EE. As the LTE connection is predominantly for odd situations where a wired connection is not available, PAYG made sense; it transpires that in this situation one has to put a credit on the "My EE" account and then telephone an EE support person. The support person transfers the required amount from one's My EE account to the PAYG data SIM account. This prompts much eye-rolling but works. Again everybody was polite and helpful, but the subtext was, that I'd find it more convenient to transfer my mobile phone to EE.





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Kind of a big deal

I am assuming this is a North American device. Below are some of the first things to look at. If those don't work I would get a USB modem to test the sim in. It rules out carrier/sim being the issue. Then you can go to meraki with that info and get alot farther if needed. I also have heard that on the ATT side you need a static IP and then they will provide the correct APN once you have that setup.


My cellular uplink is stuck at 'Connecting'

Built-in Cellular - Ensure the following:

  • The SIM is activated with the PIN disabled or the correct PIN entered. It may be necessary to use an external modem, or work with the cellular provider to have the PIN disabled or the SIM unlocked.
  • There is no external USB modem connected as the MX will prefer an external USB modem to the internal modem, if available. 
  • If a custom APN is needed, ensure it is applied from Cellular section of the Uplink tab on the Security Appliance > Appliance Settings page.
  • The SIM card is fully inserted.
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