<a> Tag when Customizing MX Splash Page


<a> Tag when Customizing MX Splash Page

The article https://documentation.meraki.com/General_Administration/Cross-Platform_Content/Customizing_the_Splas... states that the <a> tag is acceptable in a custom splash page. However, if I put in


<a href="https://www.mysite.com">My Site</a>


I get the link and it works, but it's just blank space, no text. So, it's not obvious that the link is there unless you hover the mouse cursor over the link and notice that the cursor changes.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You could set a color in the <a






Change the color of

"a, a:visited, a:active {color: #fff; text-decoration: none;}" in the  main.css



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