iphone update 14?

Getting noticed

iphone update 14?


I'm seeing strange behavior in multiple Meraki networks acorss different organizations for the past week or so.

where I'm receiving numerus alerts of IP conflict detected ...

there is only MX devices (DHCP enabled) in those setups, no other DHCP server is working, and no static IP addresses is assigned !


mostly from IP addresses of iphones (I've confirmed that couple of these iphones are updated to ios 14)


anyone else having this issue? is there something I need to check? 

Getting noticed

I think I'm biggining to get better picture on whats hapenning, 

in ios 14 , there is a new feature called (private address) as per below link:




this will create a different MAC address for iphone wireless users when joining the SSID 


which will trigger the conflict detected alert


is there anything Meraki can do to avoid such false positive conflict alerts?


Kind of a big deal

I figured that out too with another client who got a new android phone and it randomizes the MAC address which take won't give it a policy. 

you should ask your users to deactivate privacy features on a per network basis or at least at the corporate network https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/09/17/ios-14-mac-randomization-privacy-feature-may-cause-cisco-... 

Greeting from Victor Hernandez

I've also found that Meraki Systems Manager can help with this too: in a brand new Meraki Minute video:  https://youtu.be/Bj9Gg7h50Gk 

Greeting from Victor Hernandez
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