detection host on LAN

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detection host on LAN

How can I detect that a suspicious  host has been detached to a LAN network ? 

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Kind of a big deal

I'm not sure what kind of "suspicious" you mean. But here's a few points:

  • IDS/IPS and AMP events would be found in the Security & SD-WAN > Security Center
  • Rogue DHCP servers would be found in the Network-Wide > Event Log
  • Sticky MAC breaches would also be listed in the Network-Wide > Event Log
  • You can also set alerts to warn you if specific MAC-addresses connect to the network. You can do that in the Network-Wide > Alerts page.

Does any of these answer your question?

How to detect that a foreign host has been connected to my network, and how to prevent him from gaining access?

Preferred way to do this would be to implement 802.1X access control:

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