client vpn on linux , client configuration template?

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client vpn on linux , client configuration template?

Does anybody have a client vpn config file template?

i have a centos (no gui) and need to connect to MX via client vpn. already installed the openvpn, but stuck on on the configuration file. 

according to some documents on internet,  it should be like /etc/openvpn/***.ovpn

thank you!


on Meraki document, it just ignore linux.


Robin Jiao  

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Here to help

So you want to connect via linux to your mx via client vpn?


Your read the last part of the doc?



Since Client VPN uses the L2TP over IPsec standard, any Linux client that properly supports this standard should suffice. Please note that newer versions of Ubuntu do not ship with a VPN client that supports L2TP/IP, and will therefore require a 3rd party VPN client that supports the protocol.

Note: The xl2tp package does not send user credentials properly to the MX when using Meraki Cloud Controller authentication, and this causes the authentication request to fail.  Active Directory or RADIUS authentication can be used instead for successful authentication.

thanks, yes. connect to MX via client vpn from Linux;

i did read that part. many linux has openvpn already, but seems do need a configration file to get connected.

okay i will try it and give u feedback

really appreciate it, bro!

OpenVPN uses SSL/TLS afaik so that won't be an option.


I found this guide which may help:


Full credits to Jason!

Hey @RobinJiao ,


did that guide helped you?


I only found a solution to connect client vpn with gui, wich worked fine.

thank you @Niklas2
no, not really, none of the command line solutions works for me;
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