bandwidth reservations? (MX64w)

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bandwidth reservations? (MX64w)



I have a Meraki MX64W deployed, which is soon to be shared between two small companies, so two VLANs. There will be a 200mb internet connection.


Rather than limiting each VLAN to 100mb and potentially having unused bandwidth, can I have a policy to allow either to use all the bandwidth available, but reserve 100mb for each if both are pushing a lot of traffic through at the same time?


Similar to how vmware uses limits and reservations for VMs.


Thanks in advance.

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There isn't a good way to do that. About all you can do is in traffic shaping on the security appliance is set a bandwidth limitation for the subnet.

And if I stuck a Meraki switch in front of the MX, would the switch be able to achieve this?

No, the switch has some QoS settings you can apply, but you don't have any traffic shaping options for the switch.

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Jeez... You can *almost* do this with Priority... but In the end it'd be a bit of a kludgey set up. You'd have to trick the MX into thinking it had a bigger pipe than it does, and get creative on the Traffic Shaping policies...  


I'm not sure it would work exactly as you want either 😞


@jdsilva I agree with that. I don't think it would be very reliable. It would be helpful if the "Traffic shaping rules" also had a SpeedBurst option like the "Global bandwidth limits" offered.

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