almost all sites being blocked as parked domains

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almost all sites being blocked as parked domains

Has anyone experienced issues with parked domains?


We have experienced our 3rd significant outage as a result of a malfunction of the 'parked domains' web content filtering.  We are running MX250s with 14.38.  The issue goes like this:


- almost all sites are blocked indicating 'parked domains' content filter

- we remove the 'parked domains' category from content filtering

- we contact support

- they tell us to try it again

- we re-enable 'parked domains' content filtering

- everything is back to normal


We have logged 3 cases for this in the last few months but no conclusion.


Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That doesn't sound good.  Not the solution you are looking for - but I think I would leave parked domains out permanently.

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