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Youtube Content Filtering

We have 2 kids at home aged 10 and 12 and I have a new Meraki network running.

I enabled Youtube content filtering and then this morning one of them comes to me and tells me they are blocked from a video that they cannot watch....I take the filters off and watch it back myself and find it largely ok so maybe the filters are too tough for our tolerance for "mature content' was a gamer blogging about Fortnite and he used a couple of mild profanities and apart from that I could not see any issue with what he said and what was shown (accepting that one of our kids plays Fortnite already)

This got me wondering whether the filters are more trouble than they are worth because I cannot really face watching every single video that they ever want to watch before they watch it but at the same time we would like to know what they are watching so is there any easy way to log the URLs accessed per device ?


They have a ChromeBox (with their own Google managed accounts) and so we can see each of their respective  Youtube histories access there. The eldest has an iPhone and younger one an iPad and an xBox....besides these they do not really use many devices that can access the Internet right now 

Any other thoughts on how to manage this sort of issue ?

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Kind of a big deal

Mature content filtering is a pretty non-precise science.  Going to be lots of stuff that is flagged as mature that shouldn't be and vice versa. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think YouTube content filtering is mostly controlled by You Tube.


There is no easy way to do URL logging without setting up an extra server - but if you can't bring yourself to watch every video that gets blocked before your children do - you absolutely will not want to watch every single logged link to a video.  That would take much much longer.



This is obviously going to be a choice for every parent - but You Tube already is very good at stopping the "really bad stuff" - and by the age of 10 I don't think you have much to worry about. In my experience, children actively seek out things they are interested in - and the kind of things they will be interested in is probably going to be things you are 99% happy about.  The odd time they come across something you wouldn't be happy with - they'll probably just move off it as they wont be interested either.

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